Tuesday, June 29, 2010

More pictures

Wendi brought Isaac and Elijah over this morning while she went and did some moving stuff. Then my friend, Rebekah and her boys, Elijah and Judah also came over. It was a fun, busy morning. The kids played and fought and ate, and we actually got in some visiting at the same time! Wendi came back for a breather and some lunch before heading back out with her boys for more busy stuff..

This evening we had John and Wendi and the boys over for dinner. It was a little rough watching their van drive away this evening, knowing that they won't be at our house again and that it was likely our last "see ya soon" for a while...

Here are a few pictures from the last few days. They aren't in order, but I don't feel like switching them around. Graduation ones are at the bottom...

Sweet baby Morgan

Silly Riah

Daddy and Moriah going down the hot slide

Tiff and Jodi

Wendi swinging Isaac, William and Keenan

Moriah in Chloe's hat

Moriah giving some "post graduation" comments =)

Daniel and Denise and the world's cutest triplets!
Easton, Dalton and Quinton!

Jessica, Denise and I

Mom, Jeff and Isaac

Denise and Philip
(All of these grad pictures were done by her!)

Philip, Jessica and Dad

Philip and a Very proud wife!

Matt, Jessica, Hudson and Reagan

The whole group!

Being goofy

I love this one she got of all the kids looking out the window!

Philip's class
I think this one is stolen from Wendi


Mom E said...

What great and fun times we had, eh? Memories that will last a lifetime.
Love, Mom

Mom W. said...

Wow, that is a lot of boys... Riah doesn't seem to mind. I love how she has her hand on Isaacs cheek in the one picture. I was hoping you would post pictures of Dan and Denise and the boys too!!