Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Last Melting Pot Night with the Wifia

Last night I had one last dinner out with my wifia girls =0/ We went to the Melting Pot, our favorite place. =) It was a great evening of great food (obviously), lots of laughter, a few tears, and great conversation! We also had a few parting gifts - Tiff got us each Willow Tree figurines, Andrea made photo collages, and I made everyone a photo book of pictures from the last three years together. Fun stuff!

Tiff and I with the figurine she gave each of us - the girl is holding a seashell - the perfect way for all of us to remember our time together here on the Emerald Coast!

Sarah and Jodi

Wendi and Andrea

Looking at the photo books

Jodi's sister, Toni joined us too, and it was really cool to meet her after all we'd heard about her! She took some pictures for us outside as we were leaving, but unfortunately the lens kept fogging up (from coming from the A/C to the humid air outside) and the pictures turned out pretty fuzzy. I attempted to fix them a little...

Love these girls!

Being goofy

I can't believe that in a couple weeks they'll all be gone!

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Anonymous said...

I feel so sad for you Joia :( I remember how sad I was when you moved:(

What great friendships and memories made though!!