Tuesday, June 8, 2010

If Keenan were Twins...

Today, I found out what that would be like! =) Our friends, Josh and Rebekah's movers came today, so Elijah spent the whole day with us. Two three year old boys makes for a busy me! =) They sure kept me on my toes all day!

I took these first two pictures before deciding this really wasn't very safe...

Elijah jumping into the pool


Moriah tried out her life jacket for the first time

By naptime, both boys were Worn Out and went to sleep almost immediately! I snapped this picture of Elijah because he just looked so cute with his hands up behind his head...

This evening, we met up with Philip and work and then went to the mall for Family Night. Since they seemed like twins anyway, I decided to dress them in similar outfits for fun. =)

Good buddies headed into the mall

Moriah decided to fall asleep on the way, and was not easily woken!
(I took the boys for a pre-dinner carousel ride while she slept)

The boys with the Chick Fil A cow =)

Moriah even gave him a five! =)

Goofy guys

Moriah's first carousel ride where she was actually big enough to sit on her own horse!

Ha ha! I love this! It was at the end of the ride before we got off, and Keenan was actually hanging off his horse in the picture!

Love this... it reminds me of...

a picture Philip got when Keenan was the same age as Moriah is now (okay, eight days older)

This was pretty cute too... =)

Brittny and her kids joined us for a while too, which was fun!

So... Elijah is fast and sneaky! Turn your back for a second and he's Gone!! After the carousel, he and Keenan took off towards Aeropostale, and when I went to get them, Keenan came running back, but where was Elijah??

LOL! See him??

Off to bed... twins tire me out! =)


Mom W. said...

Yeah, I know what the picture reminds you of... funny.

Two Keenans... yeah that would be a job. I have a feeling they are going to be great buds - those two boys.

Brittny said...

hahahahaha!!!! how funny! i know rebekah really appreciated you helping her out yesterday. i see a good friendship in the future for those two boys!