Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

We've had a pretty fun Father's Day so far. The kids and I took Philip's cards and a little gift into the bedroom for him this morning and we all had shirts telling him how much we love him. After waffles for breakfast we stopped by Wendi's so she could get a picture for us (since our camera isn't back yet).

We spent the morning at the Gulfarium and then came home for lunch and naps (for the kids and I - Philip has been doing a ton of measuring in our yard for a retaining wall we'll have put in). Oh ya, I didn't mention, yesterday was the beginning of "Mission Pretty Yard" for us!

Keenan wasn't into having his picture taken - this was the best we got

My shirt - "I love Philip"
Keenan's - "I love my Dad"
Moriah's - "I love Daddy"

We sure do!!

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Mom E said...

How sweet. Love the shirts, Joia!