Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fun in the sun at Destin Commons

We went to Destin Commons this morning for a long overdue visit with my friend, Suzy and her sweet daughter, Savannah! It was a beautiful day and the kids had fun playing in the play area and splashing in the fountains. Savannah even experienced the fountains for the first time!

Moriah was stylin'
(I love this tutu because it's so light and airy that it's not uncomfortable for her to wear to play in)

Climbing through a little tunnel

Love this shot of Keenan jumping!


Suzy and Savannah =)

The kids in the miniature booth at Tropical Smoothie where we had lunch


Mom W. said...

Cute pink girl... interesting to hear her comments when she is 20 about the way her Mom dressed her to play... =)

Mom E said...

LOL at your mom's comments! the kid-sized booth was cool, and I did love her tutu. You're not enjoying having a little girl are you? LOL