Saturday, June 5, 2010

Friday/Saturday Stuff

Yesterday morning, Wendi, and I (and her dad and our kids) got together and, after a failed attempt to go to the Emerald Coast Gymnastics place, headed to the Landing to let the kids play for a while. After that we went to Target for a few things, picked up some Free doughnuts and then headed to Chick Fil A for lunch. Fun stuff! Somehow I forgot to take any pictures (well, almost none).

The Only picture I took at the park! Elijah and Wendi's dad =)

Happy me with a FREE doughnut from Krispy Kreme!

This morning we met up with some friends at the beach to celebrate with Robyn and Zachariah, since it's his birthday tomorrow! The weather was beautiful and we had a great time, letting the kids play in the water, hanging out with friends, and having a great lunch too!

This may have been our last trip to the beach for a while, since we just got news that the oil has reached Pensacola area... =0/

Moriah greeting an incoming wave =)

Keenan is Such a fish!

Look at him!

Just happened to catch this (Philip told me later that he was helping Keenan "blink" some sand out of his eyes)

Moriah on the run down the beach

Sweet Isaac at play

I thought this shot of the dads was kind of fun

Elijah, stylin' in Keenan's sunglasses (for the few seconds he kept them on)

Riah and I

Our family with Erik and Andrea enjoying the Delicious lunch Robyn provided!

Chloe's chocolate cupcake face =)

After getting home we all took naps!

Love shots like this

This afternoon we headed to Lincoln Park for our "end of the year" MOPS picnic. It was fun, great food, great friends... until a Whopper of a storm blew in! In a matter of minutes, the sky got dark, it started to rain, the wind started to blow (stuff was blowing around like crazy), the rain started going horizontal, and by the time everyone got to the cars, No One was dry! Crazy! I only have a couple pictures from the first part, since I didn't want to get the camera out once it got so wet!

Moriah's first taste of watermelon!

She was a fan!

Another shot of three dads =)

Wow, look, she wrote her own name! =)

When we got home, we were soaking wet and freezing cold, so we had baths and changed into dry clothes (flannel pajama pants for me!)

We hung out for a bit and then decided to go get pizza and a movie and have a family movie night. When Keenan and I returned with the pizza and movie, Moriah had fallen asleep in the office, so I put her down and the three of us had a Super fun evening together, watching Brother Bear 2, and Keenan downed a ton of pizza! It was really special having some time together with just him. =)

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Brittny said...

how fun!!! i was really upset that we didn't make it to the beach. we'd planned to go, but after we picked up our doughnuts we went home to get our stuff and the kids did not want to leave. i could tell that they meant it and it would not have been a good time for me to be outnumbered by the kids. glad you had fun! so sad the oil is coming our way. this was going to be our first summer where both kids could really play in the water too. BOO!!!!