Saturday, June 19, 2010

Friday Evening Wedding

On Friday evening, we attended the wedding of our friend, Kendra and her new husband, Chris. It was at Guisseppi's Wharf, out on the dock and was beautiful! John and Wendi went too, so it was a fun "double date" evening with them! =)

Waiting for the ceremony to start

The good looking couple sitting next to us

Some pictures by the water after the wedding

Doesn't Wendi look gorgeous??

One of the very few pictures we actually got of the happy couple! =)

Wendi and I

Boats at sunset

After the wedding, the four of us headed upstairs to the restaurant and had some dinner and great conversation - super fun night!


Rabens Family said...

Thanks for the pictures of the wedding. I was so sad that we couldn't be there. We love them so much and are so happy for them.

Mom E said...

Liked your dress, Joia.