Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Four Kids and a Dog

We had a busy, fun house this morning! =)

Wendi dropped Isaac and Elijah off for a few hours while she and John went to an appointment about their move. It went really well though, the two youngest took naps, so that helped things calm down for a while, then we had snacks, and played outside for a while, and then ate lunch together when Wendi got back. Man, having four kids three and under would be b-u-s-y though! =)

The boys playing in the sandbox

I LOVE how Isaac and Moriah are so totally in each other's space!

Handsome dude

Elijah and the big dump truck

After they left, I let the kids play in the pool before nap time (it sure does make for good naps!) =)

She is the Perfect age for kiddie pools and splash parks this summer! =)

Too bad He's not having any fun

Big splash!

Love it

I love how you can see Keenan's face under the water here!

Mid air!

It's hydrangea season again and ours (though we do Nothing for them) are once again in beautiful bloom in the backyard!

Here are some I put in the bathroom along with some other pretty (unkown) flowers that Philip found in the backyard

Speaking of our backyard, we had a landscaping guy come over tonight and look at the yard and tell us what can be done, and is going to work out "a plan" for us and let us know... soo exciting!!

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Mom E said...

That pool sure looks like fun! I can't wait to see all of you again and hug and play with my beautiful grandchildren!