Sunday, June 13, 2010

Fish Lipz!

So, yes, after all this time, I finally decided to go for it and try out a new background on the blog! Don't worry if you hate it, I'll change it often! =)

Tonight we had dinner with Rob, Sarah, Della and Morgan at a fun waterfront restaurant called Fish Lipz! We had never been there before, but we liked it! It's right on the water, is open air, and is very "kid friendly" (lots of open space, loud music etc).

Here are a few pictures from our evening:


Keenan watching the boats go by

A family of ducks that waddled by

Us girls

All of us after dinner =)


Jessica said...

Keenan's face is adorable in this one-click to make it bigger. he is so cute. :)

grriffins said...

the background makes me a little bug-eyed when I'm scrolling down, but like it when it's still! :)