Sunday, June 27, 2010

Family Fun on the Boat and Weekend Catch Up!

Hudson and Moriah were soo sweet together =)

A bunch out on the boat

Dad with Reagan and Hudson =)

I love this one of Reagan looking at Matt

Hudson's driving!

The girls

Reagan and Matt

Our handsome captain

Sleepy boy


Jessica and Moriah

Jessica and Dad

Matt and Hudson

Even Moriah went for a ride!

Chillin' with a whole bowl of Chex Mix!

Grandpa Jeff carrying a sleeping Keenan in from the boat

After we finished at the park, everyone headed to their various "homes" to shower and change and then we all met up for dinner at "Five Guys Burgers and Fries".

This does Not look comfortable!
(He was in this booster for a short time since we had moved his car seat out so someone could ride with us)

He didn't even wake up when we got there!

Most of our rowdy bunch!

We had never been to this restaurant before, and we LOVED it! Their burgers are Amazing, you can get just about any topping you want, and the fries are Plentiful! =)

Moriah getting in one more snuggle with Aunt Jessica =)

From here we said goodbye to Philip's cousin, Denise, Daniel and their triplets, Dalton, Easton and Quinton, since they were headed back to Tenessee in the morning.=0/ It was sooo great to have them come and to see all of our kids play together!

Ice cream on the way home

Early Friday Saturday morning, Matt and Jess came to pick up Dad before they all headed back to Merritt Island. We quickly snapped a few pictures before they headed out.

Dad with his kids and grand kids =)

Saturday afternoon we went to a Residency beach bash at the Hurlburt Field beach. It was nice to hang out and chat with some of my newer friends (who I'm sure I will get to know Much better in the coming months!) What a great bunch of people we are blessed to know here at Eglin!

I love this shot of Philip on the beach

This evening, the wifia, our husbands and kids, all got together for our last "everyone in the same place" gathering. It was a great time of eating, laughing, taking pictures, chasing kids... as well as some pretty sentimental sharing and crying with just us six girls.

Here is a "never before taken" picture of All of us, with our husbands and All the kids! I LOVE IT!!!

A separate post to come on the wifia part of the evening... =)


Brittny said...

that one of keenan asleep in the car is hysterical!! i have a similar one of christopher, but he's leaning over the side towards the middle seat. looks miserable! sophie has that same plaid dress moriah has on and it is my absolute favorite!!!!! looks awesome and needs no ironing. how perfect is that???? glad you guys will be around. : )

denise said...

we LOVED the park and boat! I realized when looking at my pics and your pics, we have like TOTALLY different people in them. So sad. I missed out on hanging out with you since we did the boat switch of people. I think what is even more funny is on BOTH boat trips we did, I have pics of Keenan sleeping on those too! Poor buddy.

Thanks for taking out the time to hang with us while you guys were sooo busy with graduation, other activities, friends packing and leaving, and just LIFE. We enjoyed hanging out when we were able to, and I loved seeing your kiddos and mine playing together. We'll have to do it again sometime :)

Love you guys!

Rachel said...

Joia, the pictures of Keenan sleeping are great. It's not very often that you get to snuggle like that with your big guy as he sleeps. I take ANY opportunity for sleepy cuddles.


Mom W. said...

Just getting somewhat caught up after 3 days off of here... cool pictures, what a full weekend you all had!!