Monday, June 7, 2010

Emerald Coast Gymnastics

How have I lived here for three years and not been to this gymnastics place yet???

This morning, Wendi, her dad and I, with our kids went to the preschool "free play" at Emerald Coast Gymnastics. It runs from 10:00 to 11:30 on Monday and Friday mornings (birth to age 5) and is $5 a kid. Totally worth it! The kids (especially Keenan) Loved it!!

Look at those balance beam skills!

No idea...

They have a super long trampoline, and Keenan spent almost the entire time on it=)

Moriah with some other girls

Keenan swinging on the rings

Moriah running across the trampoline

Elijah's eyes were always soo wide when he was on the trampoline =)

Man, that boy and his tongue =)

Moriah trying out the balance beam

Elijah giving the hula hoop a try

So cute!

Keenan waiting his turn on the trampoline

Ya, he claims he was "helping her"... whatever!
(Philip just saw it and said, "Who is that?? He'd better watch himself!")

Isaac was quite adventurous!

Moriah loved running up and down this!

Isaac was Such a good jumper! Here he's looking at his Papa =)

Bubble time!


When we got home, Josh and Rebekah brought their boys over to take naps. (They just moved into their new house today and carpet was being installed... too noisy for naps!)

Keenan enjoying story time with Elijah before nap time

Don't know how I forgot to mention this, but Moriah had another doctor's appointment on Friday (to see how her weight is doing) and she had gained almost a pound in less than a month! Woohoo!


Anonymous said...

How did the rest of Moriah's growth tests turn out?

Rachel and Hans said...

Now THAT looks like a fun place! Congrats to Moriah on a good weight gain! That is great news.

Mom E said...

I was just thinking that I wanted to ask about Moriah's growth progress and then you mentioned it. Good news!