Thursday, June 17, 2010

Birthday Party

Yesterday we went to William's fourth birthday party. They had a Star Wars themed party at the park on base and it was super fun!

Good eats!

William, the birthday boy, and all the (little) kids that were at the party:




Sophie looks like she's ready to fight!

Christopher, not a fan of pictures =)




My kids in their matching American flag bathing suits (only $5 at Walmart!)

Yay for cake!

How cool is that?

"Flame, you are goin' Down when "Happy Birthday" is over!"

Wow, looks like the fight is getting a little bloody! (Or they fell over in the red border)

So cute!

My matching kids from the front

Moriah loved the cake!

A lot!!


Love this look...

Opening our gift - Keenan looks thrilled

This is what she was wearing when she wasn't in a bathing suit =)

I am so behind on blogging and have Tons of pictures from several events, but it's late and Blogger is being stinky about uploading pictures now, so I'm going to bed! =)


Brittny said...

I love that none of the kids are smiling. And they are at a birthday party not smiling. Just shows how serious they are about eating. Thanks for all the pics!

Mom. W. said...

So cute!! Wow the kids are all growing so fast!!!

Mom W. said...

I don't know where my comment went... maybe they will both show up now. I can't believe how the kids have grown... =)