Friday, June 25, 2010

The Banquet in Pictures

I'll start with a few pictures before I talk more about the evening: (Thanks Mom and Wendi for sharing pictures!)

The Dress - on loan from my friend Amanda, I love it!

Me and my date =)

Jeff and Mom

Us girls

I Love this picture that Mom caught of Philip laughing!

LOL! What am I doing??

So, like I said briefly last night, the banquet was amazing! It's always a super fun night, since it's the Only formal occasion we have all year, we're all kid free, and there's lots of funny stuff! This year was a bit different, however. Yes, we all still enjoyed getting dressed up and having an evening away from kids, and the food was amazing, but... this was our last banquet together at the Officer's Club, these yearly events we had experienced together for the past three years were done.

I did well for the bulk of the evening. Philip and I and our family sat with John and Wendi and their family. Much laughter, talking, and eating went on - good times were had. Then awards were given. Philip got a funny one and several serious ones, I was so proud. The evening always ends with the best part, the year end videos put on by the faculty and each resident class. Our class did not disappoint us and put on a stellar (and sooo hilarious) performance as usual. After the video, the credits rolled, the lights came up... and this is what happened next....

I Burst into tears, and was surrounded almost immediately by the wifia (most of who were also in tears at this point) ... I can't even express what was happening here - I still cry every time I look at this picture

Raw. That's what it was, the overwhelming sadness that they're leaving... the days are Quickly winding down and we will only be together all in the same place once more before parting ways. It stinks. I hate it.

Only slightly more composed, tears glimmering in everyone's eyes

...and joined by Brittny, an honorary member of the wifia and a dear friend to us all
(She is a second year wife, so she'll still be around! Woohoo!)

Thankfully, This guy's still going to be around for me to lean on - do I ever need him! =)


The Woodford's said...

We're so very proud of you - Philip and Joia!

Praying for you especially through these next difficult days of saying good-bye!

Love to you both!

The Mac's House said...

The dress is gorgeous on you!

You and Phillip make such an awesome team!

Congratulations Phillip!

Brittny said...

i couldn't move once i looked over and saw you crying. it just started coming for me too! i had to turn away and not look at any of you. i am soooooooooo glad that you are going to be around to hang out with next year!!! we need to find a night to go painting together soon. : )

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Phillip!! It looks like you all had an awesome night, even though sad at times. I can't imagine having all those friends leaving, never know when you'll see each other again. Thankfully e-mail and blogging makes the world a whole lot smaller and easier to keep in touch.
You'll have a whole new group of friends soon, Joia. Keep smiling!! ;)

Mom E said...

It is all so overwhelming isn't, Joia? But I know you will handle it with your usual grace and style, and with God's help! I am always only a phone call away. I was proud of Philip, of course, but wanted you to know how proud I was when the Wifia was honored too. Love you so much, Mom