Saturday, June 12, 2010

"Artsing up" my Art Space

So, after cleaning our basement and creating a "creative space" for me, I decided that it needed some help. I mean, look at this...

Doesn't exactly help get the creative juices running... b-o-r-i-n-g!!

So, with a paintbrush and five leftover paint colors, I made it Mine!! =0)

Tada! Color and artwork!

Some fun words on the drawers

Thanks Philip, for the idea for this one!

Fun, fun, fun!

The sparkly door

My old belt =)

Not super in love with this one - it was supposed to be a tree-ish thing (made up of my footprint and hand prints), but I think it ended up looking like a peacock. =)

Definitely my favorite part of the whole thing!
(Can you see the little red bird in the tree?)

Now... if life will slow down a little, I can actually Use my space! =)

Check out the Desert Blog for a new cupcake recipe that I made today. Yum!


Rachel and Hans said...

LOVE it!!

Brittny said...

can i lust after a craft room or is that strange? mine is the table we eat off of and thankfully it seats 6 and we only have 4 so i can leave things out. i hope one day to have an extra closet i can turn into one of these rooms. but until then, i'm happy to just have what i've got. i'll have to come see it the next time we come over. very cute!!!! and way to go!!!

Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

WONDERFUL! I love it! :) I really love the last favorite part. Great job.

BTW-I love the blog layout!

Mom E said...

This is fabulous! Can't wait 2 C it in person! Love, Mom