Thursday, May 13, 2010


It's appropriate that we called Moriah, "Tiny" when I was pregnant with her, since she has sort of stayed that way since she was born. =)

Our little punkin yesterday, sick, but still smiling
(with a paci in her mouth and one in her hand!)

I dropped Keenan off at Wendi's today and took Moriah in for her labs and x-ray. I was thrilled that Philip was able to join us for both of these things! At the lab we found out that there were too many to draw all at once (wow!) so they just did three today and we'll do the rest next week. Moriah was Such a trooper and didn't cry or even squirm! We were so proud of her! =)

She was quite fascinated with the bright pink bandage they gave her =)
(And yes, she's back to wearing the winter hat, but it makes her happy when she feels bad, so I'm okay with it) =)

At the radiology department, Philip took her in for her x-ray (one of her hand/wrist to measure the bones) and he said she did really well in there too.

Big chocolate chip cookie when we got home

My favorite little man playing in the sand box

Keenan also got a good report when I picked him up - Wendi said he was "perfect" today! =)

I decided to have him skip his nap today as an experiment. He has been going to bed so late recently (not able to settle until after 9) that we decided to see if skipping his nap would help him settle earlier in the evening so that we could actually have some kid free time before We needed to go to bed! Well, a few minutes after 8 tonight, he was Out!! So far so good! =)

Having him skip his nap also allowed he and I to have some great one on one time doing some fun things, (including building a huge "castle" out of blocks that had a tunnel And four different enclosed parking garages to house all of his characters from Cars!) that has really seemed to help his behavior as well.

Moriah is feeling a bit better, no more fevers. We did skip MOPS today though, since she's still got a pretty bad cold. =0/

Playing with play dough this evening, Moriah's first time! =)


Mom/Gr'ma E said...

The pink and brown hat looks good on her! =) And yay for Keenan going to bed earlier. Good job on the blood draws, Moriah! I love you and Keenan and can't wait to see you!

Brittny said...

we had to start doing that with naps for christopher. thankfully he didn't have to give them up all at once. just making him take a few a week helped us both transition to no naps. it was hard for me to give up that free time at first, but it's worth it to get to spend alone time with them and get them to bed earlier.

Mom W. said...

Wow, amazing that she didn't cry... what a sweetheart.

She looks healthy anyway... hope nothing is wrong...

love you all.