Saturday, May 15, 2010

Thanks, Jodi/Productive Day

Yesterday afternoon, the wifia and our kids met at a park and surprised Jodi when she arrived with a "Thank You Jodi!" party! =) We (along with several others that she babysits for) wanted to express our gratitude for all she has done for each of us, babysitting, watching pets, coming to our aid when we've been sick, etc...

We got her some fun "winter gifts" (since she and her husband are moving to North Dakota) as well as a gift certificate to a spa in Destin so she can have a day of pampering! She was totally surprised and it was a really fun time for us all to be together!

A few pictures from that:

Chloe and Moriah

Keenan and Della swinging

Jodi with her gift certificate

I love this one of the four big kids!

Tiff and sweet Reagan

So adorable!

I am in Love with this picture of Della!
She is every photographer's dream shoot pictures of!

Moriah was drinking out of my water bottle... =)

We have two sick kids now. =0/ Moriah is still coughing and has a nasty cold (as well as a low grade fever), and Keenan woke up in the night, with what Philip thinks is Spasmodic Croup (it usually comes on fast, in the evening with a barking cough, and then will lessen and return for a couple nights in a row). He was soo miserable and worked up and was crying so hard and said, "Make that scary noise go away!" I said, "What noise?" He said, "The one in my mouth!" Poor kid. We still have the nebulizer, so we gave him a couple breathing treatments and also sat with him in the bathroom with the shower turned on, which seemed to help. He hasn't had the barking cough very much during the day, but is still running a fever and not feeling so great.

We have had a Very productive afternoon! Philip is on leave this next week and one of our big projects was to get our basement cleaned up. We decided to go ahead and start today and already took a big load of stuff to Goodwill, threw away a bunch of stuff, broke down a ton of boxes and are now rearranging stuff and putting up a bunch of new shelving units we bought. We hope to finish tomorrow. I'll post before and after pictures - it'll be insane. I'm especially excited because I'll get to have my own "artsy creative" space down there! Woohoo! =)

Well, I should go - the kids are in bed, and we hope to get some more work done on the basement tonight.


Anonymous said...

Awww poor kids... croup... not fun and noisy indeed!!

Cool party for Jodi, great idea!!!

Mom W. said...

Woops that was Mom, forgot to put my name in.

denise said...

Croup is NOT fun. I hope it goes away fast!

If you don't want to head to goodwill right away, but want stuff gone, post it on Craigslist. List free items and that it's at your curb. List what the items are, and that you will remove the listing when the items are gone. And you will not be able to answer individual questions about items. (since it's free, it's ok to not be super accommodating).

I did this when we were moving and I would just start bringing more stuff out and out and out. Then every hour or two I would add and remove from the listing what was added or taken. I still got some questions and some I answered, some I just ignored. I mean, it's FREE. Come and check it out if you want, don't be picky and ask for 10 pictures of the item (yes, I did have that request).

It just helped save trips to Good Will, esp on BIG items. Then I figured if/when there was anything left I would just bring it to Goodwill. There was nothing left!!!

Kiley said...

Ugh, that is EXACTLY what my 8 month old has right now. She is miserable. Naps fantastically during the day, (thank heavens) but the minute we put her down for bed, she is up every 30 minutes coughing and crying and barking. I ended up having to put her in the swing just to help her sleep better. Hope your little man feels better soon.


auntmary♥ said...

Agree with Denise! I was helping them pack/move at that time and it was really awesome how people responded to these FREE items she posted. An expectant mother was in tears because she was blessed with a used crib (actually two, one for another family member, if I remember correctly) Saved them lots of time loading everything into a vehicle, driving to GW, unloading, etc. etc.

I cannot imagine how you could have accumulated that much stuff already in your basement. Try being married for 41 years and have a spouse (who will remain nameless) who wants to save everything!! I need you and Philip here STAT!

How exciting that you now have your own "artsy creative" space. So cool!! Have fun!!