Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Strawberry Pie and Good Friends

Andrea had given me a super easy recipe, so I decided to make a strawberry pie today. She was right! It's the easiest pie ever! I posted the recipe on my dessert blog. Philip isn't a huge strawberry fan, so I had Myrtle over for lunch to help me with it. She was happy to oblige. =)


We had Isaac here for a while this morning and when Wendi came to pick him up, she and Myrtle got to meet for the first time! They had both heard a lot about the other but never met before, so I was happy that they finally did. =)

I stopped at Starbucks this afternoon for Happy Hour (1/2 price Frappucinos between 3 and 5 until May 16th). My friend, Sarah, calls it "Frappy Hour", I think that's way better! Anyway, I got a Strawberries and Creme Frap and then we headed to the playground for a while before
doing a little shopping and heading home.

Poor Moriah isn't feeling well. She's running a fever and also has a cough/cold going on. She's miserable, won't eat much and just wants to be held. Please pray that this will pass quickly.

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Mom W. said...

The pie looks yum!!!!

Poor Riah, praying for her... =(