Friday, May 14, 2010

Pics from Sunday Photo Shoot!

I was soo excited to pick up my disc of pictures this morning from the photo shoot we had done at church on Sunday! My friend (and one of next year's coordinators) from MOPS, Tabatha, has her own photography business and donated her time and talents to do a MOPS fundraiser shoot! We were Thrilled to participate!

To visit her website, click here!

Here are some of my favorites from the shoot:

Pretty girl

Blue sky and blue eyes

I think this rates as a "perfect family picture" for us =)


"Can she fit her whole hand in her mouth?"

I love the focus in these

Dudes in front

Keenan's expressions in these two crack me up! =)

Funny family one

Uh, I don't think my glasses are supposed to bend like that!

Blue eyes

Keenan being sweet, Moriah not thrilled

Me and my man

Close up

Thank you, Tabatha!

I'm headed out soon with a new friend to try something I've never done before! I'll write about it tomorrow! =)


The Woodford's said...

Beautiful pic's of a beautiful family! Love you guys!!

Mom W. said...

Fun pics, I love Moriah's outfit, she looks so cute!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures!! Joia your eyes absolutely sparkle - gorgeous :)


Joia said...

Thank you everyone! The credit goes to the amazing photographer! =)

Mom W. said...

BTW your hair looks really good like that... and please... may I have a print of the perfect family picture?