Friday, May 7, 2010

The Perfect Strawberry Picking Experience

We had planned to go strawberry picking several times before now, but the time was never right. Today I just decided that we were going to do it! I had pretty low expectations, since I was going by myself with both kids (both mobile, which wasn't the case last year). I just figured, "Hey, it will be fun, we'll get some cute pictures, have some fun, and if we only come home with ten strawberries, it's okay!" Well... Was God ever out to blow My socks off! Like the title of this post says, it really was THE PERFECT strawberry picking experience Ever!!

Keenan did Not run all around the patch like I thought he would, he did not disobey once, and he actually picked good, red berries and was Super helpful! Moriah was content to sit in the stroller and eat animal crackers, and within 45 minutes, Keenan and I had filled our box with almost 17 pounds of beautiful berries! I was totally shocked at how well it went - truly a miracle. =)

First pick!

Proof that God loves us =)

My Number One helper hard at work!

Moriah wanted out of the stroller to pick One berry, then she got back in!

Adding her berry to the box

Full hands

How many can You hold?

We loved the super long stem on this one!

We're Done!

Next, we headed inside to pay for our berries and of course, get some fresh strawberry frozen yogurt!!

Sweet payment...


Enjoying our treats outside

Perfection in Red

A few random pictures on the way home...

Deserted old store

Kids on the tracks

I love this one of Keenan

Totally awesome morning, check.

Now I need to tidy the house and get some stuff ready for a super fun wifia brunch in the morning!


Anonymous said...

Those are some very red strawberries. I like your close up picture of the strawberries where they look so large.

Mom W. said...

Mmmmmm... yes, amazing that it went to so well with two kids along... way to go Keenan!! The berries look wonderful!!

auntmary ♥ said...

Wow! Those strawberries are beautiful. I remember when my kids were little I would take them strawberry picking ~ and then the wonderful jams, strawberry pies, shortcake, topping for ice cream ~ Mmmm-Mmmm good. Nothin' like fresh strawberries.

Our season is usually sometime in July.

Brittny said...

yeah, it was much better than i thought it would be when we went too! i think b/c they CAN run crazy it's not as appealing as being in a store. that's just my thought though. could be totally wrong! if you are going to freeze any, tiff suggested rinsing them first then spreading them on a cookie sheet, placing in freezer that way so they can freeze individually instead of in one big clump. it worked fabulously!!! cna't wiat to hear what you make!

Becky said...

Beautiful pictures! I remember coming over for dinner last year at this time before we moved and receiving a jar of your delicious strawberry jelly! I miss you!

Jessica said...

contrast that with the WORST strawberry picking experience. If you didn't read it on my blog several weeks back, let me know and I will send it to you-ridiculous!! I am so glad you had such a successful time especially since you did it all alone. :) The pics are adorable.