Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day Brunch with the Wifia

This morning was amazing. Sarah had suggested about a month ago that we have some sort of brunch for the wifia on Mother's Day, to commemorate our time together and celebrate being moms together. I thought it was a Fabulous idea and asked if I could co-host with her, because I had thought about doing something similar (and was totally excited about the idea of decorating for it, too!) It didn't work out to have it On Mother's Day, so we had it a day early.

Sarah hosted at her house and supplied most of the food, and I helped decorate the table, and we had everyone dress up for the occasion. They all looked gorgeous!

It was Such a special time for us all. Next month our husbands will all graduate from residency here at Eglin, and then everyone will be going their separate ways (except Tiff, who is staying here for a year while her husband does a tour in Saudi Arabia, and me of course). We laughed a lot, cried, toasted one another and spent several hours reminiscing about our years together and how this group has been what has helped us all make it through residency, life with young kids, and how blessed we've been to have each other.

I believe it was totally God that brought us all together at the beginning. We were all in the same boat, since our husbands were in the same residency class, most of us had young kids very close in age, and we were all new to the area and the military. What a perfect fit - even though we all come from different geographical areas, backgrounds, and experiences. Truly a Godsend.

The situation and relationships we've had here isn't something that any of us will likely experience the same again in our lives and we all realize what a gift it is.

Here are some pictures from the brunch:

The table - aren't Sarah's dishes gorgeous?

Place cards

Lilacs from our yard

Fun little touches

All of us =)

Favors (with chocolate bark inside)

Wendi giving Morgan a bottle
(She was the only kid in attendance)

Tiffany and Jodi

Andrea and I

Some of the strawberries I picked yesterday!

Yummy drinks
Strawberry Lemonade and Mimosas

Getting our food

Yum - fruit salad, waffles with fruit and whipped cream, chocolate covered strawberries, cheesy potato casserole, ham and cheese quiche

Enjoying the food and company

A fun picture of all our feet! =)

Wendi wrote this beautiful poem about the group and made a scrapbook page for each of us!
(I've typed out the poem below, since I don't think you can read it here)

"Wifia" Days

In 2007, I left my old home
To come to dear Eglin...feeling alone.
How could I know
Of the five dear, sweet gals--
The friends that I'd find
In my "Wifia" pals.

The "Wifia" gals, we soon became known
Wives of six doctors, and now not alone.
Jodi and Andrea
Joia and Tiff,
Wendi and Sarah
That makes quite a six.

Friends to encourage, support and work through
The challenge of residency - if only we knew
Of what lay ahead
In the three years to come.
Change was in store
For all, not just some.

I was defrosting from four years in the North
One was Canadian right from her birth!
We settled in homes
And prepared for our life--
Ready for the adventures
Of a resident's wife.

Tiffany Ramage, a Texan indeed
A star on her house tells you what her blood bleeds.
After Will came Ms. Reagan
To even the score.
They're in for the twenty
(years in the military, not kids!)
Life won't be a bore.

Sarah had just birthed a sweetie-pie Della
When she moved onto base with Rob (what a fella!)
With Scuff, that's four girls--
Poor Rob; what a scene!
But while there's lots of frilly pink,
They're also quite green.

Andrea Reite, pretty and sweet
Energetic and animated, lively and neat.
She came with just one kiddo
Now she has two
Worked for the paper,
What Didn't she do?

Joia, Ms. Dessert, she founded this group
You name it, she'll do it, jump any ol' hoop.
First Keenan then 'Riah
She started us girls
But her best news of all
Is that 'Riah has curls!

Jodi, dear Jodi, oh where to begin?
She's tackled our craziness, lived with our din.
She started a business
Thank goodness she did
Each one of us adores her
As do all our kids.

And me? Oh dear me, I came only me
And now I'm as far from that as one can be.
A dog and two kiddos
I was set in my ways.
But I gladly traded working
For my motherhood days.

So that's us, quite a gang--we "Wifia" ladies
Despite long hours and temperatures of Hades.
Six ladies, ten kids,
And quite a few pets,
We came for the Air Force
And avoided med school debts.

Lunches and park dates and birthdays galore
We started with four kids and added six more.
Food and surprises
Showers and parties,
We laughed good and ate good
Lotsa' chocolate and brownies!

I thank you dear friends for the friendship you gave
I cannot enough, of each of you rave.
We came in as strangers
We'll leave now as friends.
Our adventures beginning
We're far from the end.

In just a few weeks, we'll move all our ways
And life will be different from the "Wifia" days.
But friends are forever
Despite parting ways.
And we'll always remember
Our "Wifia" days.

Isn't that amazing!?!

...and finally, a group picture of me and my good looking friends!

What an amazing group of friends I have had here:
Andrea, Wendi, Tiff, Sarah and Jodi


Mom W. said...

What a fantastic idea,the table was gorgeous, good food and nice decoratomg Joia, the poem, what a keep sake, (I think you have a typo in the second verse for your name though, you have Jodi twice, unless my computer showed it wrong) and the group picture is BEAUTIFUL!!! What wonderful friends... truly a God thing!!

Joia said...

Thanks Mom, I fixed the typo!

Kiley said...

I can't even express the love, friendship and amazement in the poem that Wendi wrote for all of you ladies. I hardly know you (except from what I read) and I have tears in my eyes. How wonderful you girls have had this through the last 3 years. The tears you each shared, the love you each had. The memories you will carry for ever. I only wish that someday I will share those same things with friends as close as you guys are.

Hugs to all


Rhode Island

The Woodford's said...

What a special time for you all! Super picture of you together, and very cool poem.


TLA said...

What a great day for you all. I have loved hearing about all of your lives! Best wishes for next year for all of you.

Monkey Momma said...

What a beautiful event! What a wonderful story you ladies have to share. I started reading Wendi's blog when she lived in MN, so it's been fun for me to see her be blessed, not just with her little ones, but with you. God's hand is over your friendships and it's a blessing for the rest of us to witness. :-)

Jessica said...

*tears* on the poem. That is so sweet. You guys will truly be friends forever.