Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Meetin' at the Park

The weather is great again, so we've started back up the weekly "meet at the park with your kids", to connect with friends and let the kids play. Here's a few pictures from this morning:

This is how I found Keenan this morning before we headed to the park =)

She's ready for summer!


"Isaac, I'll follow you anywhere!"

Climber Keenan

Andrea, Wendi and kiddos

Brittny on tire swing duty

Robyn, Brittny, Wendi, Andrea and munchkins

Robyn and JB

Baby Crew (I didn't get a picture of Kara, his mom!)

(It's weird, I sort of forget that she's so tall, until I'm in a picture next to her!)


Mom E said...

Before I read the caption under the photo, I thought the same thing about Wendi being so tall and how you don't think about it until you see a comparison. lol.

Samantha said...

Your blog totally inspires me to get outside and play at parks. Have you ever thought of making a local blog to review parks in your area. I think you would be great at giving the pro and cons of each park. We have one here in Orange county california and everytime I read your blog I think how great you would be at it.

Flakymn said...

Oh gosh. I am tall but that picture makes me look really, really tall!