Sunday, May 30, 2010

Love long weekends

Today has been spent doing stuff around the house, meeting up with our new friends, the Storeys, at the splash park on base, and finishing up with the pictures for the tutu website.

This one didn't make the cut, but it's cute! =)

Keenan on the run

Moriah's got the ball!

I also realized that I had totally forgotten to post pictures from our last MOPS meeting of the year on Thursday!

The kids and I during set up bright and early

Everyone that was able to make it to our "Hawaiian Luau"
(Not sure how my "baby pager" made it to the Front of my skirt!)

Andrea and I (last MOPS together, since she's moving soon!) =(

...and the Hula hoop contest!
(Andrea dared me to wear the flower bikini, and you know me and dares...)
I went for 3 minutes and 4 seconds, but was beat out by Destiny (as if I had a Chance against someone with That name!?!)

Our Steering team "Passing the Torch" on to Tabatha and Destiny, our new coordinators for next year


Jessica said...

are you going to continue on the steering team next year? I'm so glad you found a great group to be a part of!! :)

Joia said...

Yes, I will still be on steering next year. Moppets Coordinator.