Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hodge Podge of Pictures

I have quite a few random pictures from the last few days that I haven't posted yet, so here's a mix:

Friday afternoon, Turkey Creek:

Robyn, one of the intern wives, has started scheduling activities at local places for wives from any year in the residency to meet at with our kids. This one was a walk at Turkey Creek. Five wives and nine kids showed up. It was really fun!

Keenan to Christopher, "I got stuck babysitting, where are Your kids??"

I love how this one has people at all different distances =)

When we got to the end of the boardwalk, we let the kids splash in the water for a while. I hadn't even brought Moriah's swim stuff along, because it's usually Freezing cold and I didn't think she'd want to even touch the water! Well, I was wrong, and she Definitely wanted in (over and over), so she just went in in her diaper. =) (Thank you Robyn for taking pictures on my camera for me!)

Happy as a clam (why do people say that anyway??)

Keenan jumping off the dock

Brittny, Wendi and I with Sophie, Moriah and Elijah

A super exciting package came in the mail on Friday, and...

Bunny is Home!
(Thank you so much, Charlie, for transporting bunny back to the US from Kenya, giving him a bath in Ohio, and packing him a little suitcase before sending him on his way home to Florida!)

Saturday morning at Sarah's:

Sarah, Rob, Della and Morgan
I got to take the first picture of all four of them!

Sweet Morgan fast asleep during the brunch

Saturday evening, Isaac's birthday party - Cherokee Park:

Huge Curious George that John drew in the pavillion

Aren't these cupcakes that John and Wendi made the Cutest things ever??

Isaac opening presents with Wendi and his birthmom, Bri

He seemed to like the truck we gave him =)

Philip and Rob on swing duty

The following - what residents are like in their Off time:

Philip and Rob swinging Sean head first (this did not end well)

Rob, almost air borne

John (also a newly retired chief resident) doing a back flip off the swing!

Kara and I
(I stole this from Wendi's blog, to prove that I was there too)

Sunday morning:

My breakfast today - mmmm...

Before church started this morning, we had family pictures taken. Tabatha, a professional photographer (and a member of my MOPS group), volunteered her time to do mini sessions for anyone who was interested, as a fundraiser for MOPS. We paid $10 and got a ton of pictures taken, which she'll edit and give to us on a disc later this week! Here's a teaser:

Love it

Sunday afternoon:

After the kid's naps, we headed out to Marler Park for a while. It was Much busier than I'd ever seen it before (since we'd always been there during the week), and wasn't a super kid friendly atmosphere, so we didn't stay long.

Sweet Moriah

I love this picture I snapped of Philip on the phone with his Mom

This one makes me laugh! Philip had jumped over the wall to surprise Keenan
(kind of goes with the crazy pictures of the other docs from the party last night!)


The Super Dad I'm married to =)

The kids aren't looking, but my handsome husband is! =)

After the park, we grabbed dinner (which was delicious!) at Tijuana Flats before heading home. Philip and Keenan (from both kids) gave me cards this evening for Mother's Day. Very fun.

A very good day. =0)

Okay, all caught up!

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