Friday, May 28, 2010

Four Day Weekend!

Woohoo! We are enjoying our four day weekend!

Here are a few pictures from yesterday and today:

At a tiny park on the water near our house

Cool reflection in the water

My man

Had to get Scuffy in there too!

Moriah had corn on the cob for the first time last night!
She ate All but about six kernels!

I've been taking pictures like a mad woman today... but not of the usual stuff (people)... tutus!! The owner of Amelia's Tutu Boutique has hired me to photograph her products for her website! She dropped off a Load of tutus and other fun stuff for me to take pictures of over the weekend! Fun stuff. =)

Here's one of the pictures I snapped of my favorite model:

Blue Fairy


Mom W. said...

Cut fairy and blue of course!!! Yay Moriah... corn... eat up girl!! A four day weekend really rocks!! Not here... Dad is working today... started at 6:30 to beat the heat.

Mom W. again said...

Woops... that is "cute" fairy... oh my I hate typos... =)