Sunday, May 2, 2010

For the Love of Pictures...

I'll do just about anything!

I stole this picture from my sister in law, Rebekah's, Facebook page. She took it of me at their house last weekend. I was getting into position to take a picture of them in... yes,their bathroom! The walls are a beautiful Bright red, and I thought it would make a great background!

All for the angle..

I think it Did make agreat background!
My brother, Mark, and his beautiful wife, Rebekah


The Woodford's said...

Totally worth it - Great shot!! =)

Mom W. said...

I THOUGHT that picture was in the bathroom... (M and R's picture!) Funny!!

Anonymous said...

This was so funny, and completely shows your "drive" to take pictures. You do an awesome job though. I chuckle every time I see this picture!

Love you,

Jessica said...

hahahaha! That is awesome! You are looking super in shape, Joia!

Mom E said...

And I was thinking the same thing again as Jessica! You do look very skinny & in shape!