Thursday, May 6, 2010

First Beach Trip of 2010

We met Sarah and Della at the beach this morning. It was a gorgeous day, perfect weather, and once we got used to it, the water was even perfect! (Not sure how many good beach days we might have left before the oil affects our beaches) =0/

At first Moriah was a little overwhelmed by everything and just wanted me to hold her. If I wasn't, she would cry, drop her pacifier in the sand, put it back in her mouth, rub sand in her eyes, cry some more... =0/

Then, she got brave, got off the blanket, walked over to check out the water and, bam! She was addicted! I spent the entire rest of the time trying to make sure she didn't drown - while she giggled the whole time! I never once sat down while we were there. =)

Happy dude

Love this one of him running away from a wave!

Lovin' it

Happy girl

No fear!

Funny expression

Pretty Della!

Sarah making castle molds for the kids to "crash"

The kids and I (Moriah was soo done at this point)

Aren't they adorable??


Mom W. said...

Great beach pictures Joia, love Keenan in the water and Beach Bun... LOL So too bad about the oil...=)

Mom W. again said...

PS. Woops...I meant the oil face to be =(

auntmary ♥ said...

Such nice pictures of y'all at the beach. I esp like the one of Moriah w/o her paci. She sure is growing fast

Jessica said...

aww, Della is getting so big! Hudson's crib set is the exact same elephants as on her bathing suit!