Tuesday, May 4, 2010

First (and Hopefully Last!)

This afternoon, I had a first time experience that I hope to never repeat. I accidentally locked my keys (and both kids!) in the van, while it was running! Thankfully, I was on base at my friend Sarah's house, so was able to call Philip at the hospital and he came over and unlocked it for us. I felt so bad - both kids were pretty upset by the time he got there. =0/

Well the heat and humidity have arrived on the Emerald Coast - wow!

Fun picture of Keenan's feet

An above shot of Moriah

When I was going through Keenan's clothes the other day, I came across this little Tigger costume that he wore for his first Halloween. I decided to try it on Moriah. =)

It was pretty cute, but I noticed that she didn't fill it out as well as he did...

... at eight months old!

As you know, we left Bunny in Kenya (soooo sad!) Philip's brother in law, Charlie, was in Kenya right after us, and brought Bunny home with him to Ohio. Bunny has had a good time visiting with Charlie and his family, and has decided it's time to come home. I got this picture today on Facebook, with the following message:

"Dear Keenan, I have had a bath and I have my suitcase packed and will be flying home from Ohio in the morning. I have a few goodies for you. I cant wait to see you... Love Bunny"

How cute is that??

We are all excitedly awaiting Bunny's return "home"! =)

We had Isaac and Elijah here for a while this afternoon while Wendi went to an appointment. All four kids were actually napping at the same time for a while! =) They are such good boys to watch and Isaac is a little talking machine now!


Mom W. said...

Love the picture of bunny and suitcase, what a fun thing to do for Keenan - good job Trisha and Charlie and kids.

I guess that was scary - with the van locking up and trying to explain to the kids why you couldn`t open the door. You should get an extra key made maybe and put it somewhere else, in your wallet, or in a magnetic case on the van somewhere. I carry and extra one in my wallet, of course if it is in the car that doesn`t help much. = )

Brittny said...

i did that when christopher was a baby, but the keys were next to his carseat. i was trying to be nice and let the guys parked next to me out instead of waiting for me to get my act together and forgot that i'd locked the car already and tossed the keys inside. he ended up having to wait since he offered to let me use his cell phone to call brandon. i was wondering why i saw phillip drive by yesterday! we were outside, not being nosy.

denise said...

now, Bunny's luggage is going to have to sit outside your house since it has an O__O S___E sticker on it!!!

Mom E said...

LOL, Denise! And yes, scary about the keys/kids, but isn't God great that he had Philip able to bring the key. Cute pics of the Tigger outfit; is that the one from (our) Isaac? Loved the feet and flower pics too. Love, Mom

Rachel and Hans said...

Must be the week. My good friend here in Roch got locked out of the house while her son (16 months) was still inside (awake!) yesterday. Hans locked Kaia in the car when she was 10 days old...in the country, in the dead of summer!