Saturday, May 29, 2010

Eden Gardens

We decided to go to Eden Gardens State Park this morning. Philip and I had been once before (when Philip did a rotation at Eglin during medical school). It has been updated and changed a Lot (for the better) since we were there last and is amazing! It was a pretty relaxed place to be with the kids, since there wasn't a lot of trouble they could get into and lots of open space to run. =)

It did get pretty hot as the day went on, but the shady trees and breeze helped.

Road trip with Scuffy! (She did soo well the whole time!)

The Gorgeous old house in the middle of the grounds

Moriah in one of the cool rocking chairs on the huge porch

Someone offered to take a family picture for us, in exchange for "borrowing Scuffy" to make both of their little boys look the same direction for a picture! =)

Keenan did Not want his picture taken, so... we did the "You better not smile! No laughing!"

...there it comes

Ha ha!

That's what we were looking for!

Can't stop giggling =)

My favorite shot of the day

Checking out the cool goldfish!

So picturesque!

Cute kids

Moriah watching the fish

Us girls by the pretty hydrangeas

The only picture I have from the rose garden (we were just passed their peak, I think)

I love this picture - boy and dog, both with their tongues out! =)

So pretty...

On the Nature Trail

You can See how hot we were here!

Love this

We had a delightful picnic in the shade of one of the huge trees on the lawn, with a nice breeze blowing (very fancy food we dined on, too!)

Not a great shot, but there's me too

Sneaking up on the kids (just as Keenan threw the leash in the water!)

Sunshine on a stem!

Moriah on the pretty flower path

The kids (and Scuffy) were both asleep soon after we left, so we took the scenic route home, along the water and enjoyed the view and all the beautiful beach houses! What a great day!


Mom W. said...

Gorgeous!! Nice the "don't you dare smile" trick still works... so funny!!

Looks like you are having fun with the dog.

We may be off the internet a few days... just to let you know.

The Mac's House said...

Great pics as usual.

Your house guest looks rather content sitting on your lap. So sweet! Looks like he's well loved and taken care of by all.

Flakymn said...

Speaking from a fellow dog owner, I know Sarah greatly appreciates Scuffy being so included in the family while she is gone!