Monday, May 24, 2010

Daddy's Helper

A couple days ago Philip was working on the car, changing the oil, changing the transmission fluid, rotating the tires, etc... and had Keenan help him. The result was some special "guy bonding time" and some pretty cute pictures. =)

"I'm lifting up the car!"
(He really was jacking it up by himself)

Undoing the nuts

Proud smile

Little hands, big job

Lining them all up

Loosening the next ones with the tire iron

Switching the tires around

Helping Daddy put the nuts back on =)


auntmary♥ said...
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auntmary♥ said...

LMK if he's looking for a job :-)

Mom E said...

yeah,yeah, yeah, I'm behind again. Just had to say how cute this post was. So cool that Philip knows how to do all that himself and teaching Keenan too. So cute.
Love, Mom