Monday, May 3, 2010

Catching up With Wendi on a RAINY Day

Wendi and I finally had a chance to reconnect today after a pretty long time! After I got back from a month in Kenya, we only saw each other once, briefly, before She left for three weeks in South Florida/New Mexico!

We had planned to meet at the library for story time this morning, but it was canceled, so we headed on base to a fun park, let the kids play, and then went to her house for a while once it started to rain. Moriah got a good nap, and the boys all played well together while Wendi and I chatted. Good times!

Handsome dude, Isaac

Moriah braved the steep slides all on her own!

I love Elijah's windy hair here =)

Keenan hanging off the bridge

After Moriah woke up, the kids and I headed out for some fast food and a bit of shopping (in the Downpour!)

I'll never be voted "Organic Mom of the Year" or anything, but at least we have fun... =)

Ice cream cone

French fries

Philip and Keenan were having a "post time-out chat" and Moriah decided to join in =)

Philip and Keenan assembling the lego train track while watching a movie this evening


Jessica said...

Philip definitely wins the best dad award for building stuff. That must be why I am so bad at it because I would always make him do any "assembly required" stuff all of my life! Now, R&H want me to play legos with them? Oh man.

Mom W. said...

Nice that you and Wendi connected... I wondered if you had even seen each other since before you left for Kenya.

Fun pictures...