Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Amelia's Tutu Boutique!

I don't normally use my blog for advertising, but I made the coolest discovery the other day, and just had to share!

While at the BX on base (which I have rarely been to), I discovered a booth called, "Amelia's Tutu Boutique", and was instantly in heaven. Tutus, tiaras, tiny purses, adorable headbands with countless accessories, fairy wings... I was delighted! =) I bought three things that day and later contacted the owner about coming back to take pictures and advertise for her here on my blog! Her website doesn't have pictures of her products on it yet, so I wanted to "get her stuff out there!"

Seriously, Every little girl needs a tutu!

Her prices are Amazing, the best I've seen!

Browse and enjoy!

***If you decide to buy something, use the code JOIA, and get a free ($5 value) headband!***

Also, if you're not local, or don't have military access, but would still like to buy something, get in touch with me, and I'll make it happen! =)

The adorable booth, owned by Debi Woods

Solid colored tutus - $10
(All tutus will fit a child 6 mo. to 10 yrs)

The flowers are on clips and are removable so they can be used on the hairbands as well

Tutus with rose petals inside - $12

Multi-colored tutus - $29

These are fully customizable - you can order your choice of colors!

I think this one is gorgeous!

Tiaras - $5
Wands - $5
(You can see the wands in the first picture, under the tutus on the right, beside the tiaras)

Flower embellished flip flops - $12

Wings - $10
Boas - $7 (in all colors!)

Elastic crocheted headbands - $5

Headband accessories - $4

More accessories

Super cute shirts, onesies - $25

Monogramming - $7
(These bows are removable so you don't have to put them through the wash)

Sweet onesie

Pillowcase dresses (with flower headband and purse) - $35
Various adorable colors and sizes

The purse that comes with the pillowcase dresses
(Also sold separately for $5)

She also has a selection of cute bags - $29-$39

Moriah sporting the items we bought the first time =)

The owner will not be at the BX again until mid June, but if you're interested in purchasing something, you can contact her personally at: tutusandtiaras12@aol.com

* There will also be a permanent link on the right hand side of my blog for Amelia's Tutu Boutique!*


Mom W. said...

Moriah is cute in the tutu!!!

PS... Happy Birthday Joia!!!

Mom E said...

Oh my, if only I had a little girl again! They are adorable! Maybe I can get something for Moriah when we come. :=) Happy Birthday,again.
Love, Mom

Rachel and Hans said...

Super cute!! I need to find something like that here in Rochester!

Kendra said...

LOVE theses!!! I want some for my props bin. Moriah is a great model! :)