Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Waterbed Saga, etc...

Our water bed is leaking. Badly. This makes me very sad... =0/

Yesterday I rented a waterbed pump from Home Depot, but it didn't work (at all!) Philip returned it last night and bought a small pump that attaches to the drill which worked much better.

Since the waterbed is about 14 years old, it doesn't seem like repairing the leak (if we could even find it), would be a great idea. We're trying to figure out if we can replace the bladders (lol) or if we just need to get a different bed.

The kids and I just got back from a delightfully fun, sandy hour at the park. Taking "freshly sun-screened" kids to a park with sand is like dropping your lollipop in the sand box. =)

They are bathed and in bed, and I need to fold Mount Laundrymore!

They don't have anything to do with anything, but here are two (sort of artsy) pictures of me that I took yesterday. It's always Much harder getting pictures of yourself than others. =)

Happy Weekend!


Brittny said...

LOVE the photos!!!! What program do you use to edit them? My favorite new name that I got from this post is "Mount Laundrymore"!!!!! I'm going to use this one. That's been at my house waaaaaaaaay too often the last two weeks. Finally make it back to the bottom and then it pops back up again!

Anonymous said...

how long have you had a water bed? i don't think i know anyone else who has one! do you love it?

ps great photos!

Mom W. said...

Yeah I like the Mount Laundrymore too = ) Your cousin had her baby today! on Vivian's Birthday.

Mom E said...

It is sad about the water bed. Sorry it's leaking! Hope you can find some 'bladders' for cheap! ;-)

mom♥grammy♥auntmary said...

All too familiar with Mt Laundrymore especially when we visit our fav G-kids!!