Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Uptown Afternoon

After a super fun "belated egg hunt" (with some of the goodies from the ridiculously discounted Easter baskets we bought yesterday) outside, we headed to Uptown Station for a while this afternoon.

When Keenan saw this little guy with his truck, he asked if we could get his out of the van - they had the greatest time racing around together!

Sweet girl

I love this action shot of Keenan's truck coming off the slide!

Such nice grass..

Big smiles

Then I changed Keenan into his bathing suit and they hit the splash park. I didn't bother changing Moriah, since she barely touched the water last time...

Water fun!

Well, she got wet This time!

Getting brave

Feeling the sheet of water

No idea what's coming...


What was That???

Love this one

I have a flag coming out of my finger! =)
(Okay, I'm a dork... wait, who even Says "dork" anymore, does that make me an even bigger dork??)

The kids were so good that I decided to stop at Sonic for ice cream cones on the way home...
I like this one with the sign in the background =)

First time Moriah's got to hold her own cone!

"Dear God, I thank you for this yummy ice cream cone... and for how cute I look with an ice cream goatee. Amen"


Mom W. said...

Love the pics Joia!!! Vanilla soft serve ice cream... still my favorite!!

auntmary♥ said...

Great pictures as usual Joia!