Sunday, April 4, 2010

Update on us/Pictures from our travel home

Well we haven't shaken this stomach virus yet! I got sick this morning and then Keenan started throwing up, (etc...) again too. =0/ We can't figure this out!

Things we are especially thankful for:

Hand sanitizer
Our washing machine
Disposable diapers
and most of all...
That we haven't all been sick at the same time! What a blessing that Philip and I have "taken turns" with this (I haven't been Nearly as sick as he and Keenan) and have been able to take care of each other! Thankfully I haven't thrown up. I did have a pretty bad headache (along with "the other"). As some of you know, I have a terrible fear of throwing up. Other than when I was in labor with Keenan, I haven't done it since I was a kid! I think the headache was caused by my brain saying, "No! Absolutely not! Do Not open the door, we will Not throw up!!" LOL
Philip went out and got groceries and also watched the kids so I could get some much needed rest. =)

So far Moriah is fine! =) Thanks for your prayers!

Here are the last pictures from our trip:

Ethan's third birthday party (the night before we left Kijabe)

Blowing some of the bubbles that Keenan gave Ethan

Ethan and Keenan (check out that awesome cake!)

Angela and I (miss you, girl!)

At the Carnivore restaurant in Nairobi:

Erica Loved Moriah!

The cool playground

The slides were sooo steep!

I love the expression on his face!!

The whole group of us enjoying lunch

Keenan and Ethan ready to go!

I love this one =)

Moriah riding a croc

This picture melts my heart

Moriah takes a turn with some help

Flying home...

Poor sick Keenan

Us girls

The kids play area at the Amsterdam airport

In the Super awesome Baby Care Lounge!
(It was a beautiful room, dimly lit, music playing, with six or eight of these round
"tent like" areas with a crib, place to sit and feed, change your baby, they also had an area where you could heat up food or give your baby a bath!

The kids playing in the luggage locker that we ended up using at the airport

Philip did an Amazing job of fitting all our bags in!!

Philip and Keenan went up on the roof of the airport where they had a viewing deck

I love this shot he got, and I LOVE KLM!!

On the double decker train into Amsterdam for some fun!

Tun Fun (the car tunnel turned into a huge underground play area)

Doesn't look like much from the outside...

...but the inside was totally awesome! Four stories of crazy kid fun!

Keenan with the huge chess set

Moriah in the baby ball pit

Parents could go in too
(Please no "Don't Ever take your kids in ball pits!" comments - I've heard it all okay - this one was not deep, it was clean, and you could see right through to the bottom since it was all lit up!)

Another view of the coolness

Moriah climbing the big soft bridge by herself

Family picture in front of some fun kid graffiti

Keenan on the huge bouncy surface

Checking out some fun vehicles on the way out

Not so sure she should be driving...

Keenan on a big "piki piki" (motorcycle in Swahili)

Taking Mommy for a ride =)

Some Delft Blue china in a shop window

One of my favorites

I love the tall, skinny homes!

A couple cool houseboats

Draw bridge

A bike that can carry a whole family! =)

Warehouses turned into homes

No idea what this is

Central Station in the background

One of the canals

Huge hotel

On our tour, we learned that a lot of buildings in Amsterdam were built tilted forward slightly, this picture definitely shows that!

Me with some of Amsterdam

The people on the other side of the bridge =)

Cute little side street

At the cool McDonald's by our hotel

Waiting to board

Keenan went to sleep almost immediately!

Turns out Delta also has the super cool baby bassinets!

Keenan pretending to sleep in the laundry before we took it downstairs

Okay, we're all caught up to date! There are still some of our favorite pictures from the Mara that I want to edit before we share them... still to come.


Aunt Heather said...

Hey, We must be related. I used to abhor throwing up like you. I'd do anything to prevent it. But the second pregnancy changed all that. Lots of morning sickness and I just gave in and now I've learned to embrace it and get the agony over with.

Mom W. said...

Cool pictures of Amsterdam, nice that you got to see more this time there. Hope you feel better and Moriah still does not get it.

Flakymn said...

So first of all ... what's the problem with ball pits?

Secondly, that "baby area" looked awesomeeeeeee ...

Thirdly, did they give you any hassle about the baby beds on the flights? Is there any chance Elijah would fit in one when we go to Turkey?

Joia said...


Ball pits, oh there are emails circulating about how disgusting they are and how you should Never let your kids go in them because any number of terrible things can happen.... I'm sure some of it is true, but actually I think this is the first ball pit my kids have Ever been in!

Yes, the baby area was rock awesome

As for Elijah in the bassinets... =) Moriah was right on the line with her height (a little under for weight), so I Highly doubt that Elijah will fit (especially since it's still a couple months away) =)

Rachel and Hans said...

Ok that baby bassinet thing is awesome!!

And I am loving all your pictures...keep them coming!

The Mac's House said...

We used a bulkhead seating when we flew from Hawaii back to Western NY. It was awesome, especially the flight from Hawaii to Chicago which was non-stop. That flight was wonderful with a bulkhead. The 2nd time we did that flight our daughter was 15 months and not so wonderful. We didn't get a bulkhead and she threw up almost the entire flight. Note to self was not to wear a comfy jumpsuit but to wear layers that could be taken off, which I didn't do. I tried to spend most of my time in the bathroom so that others didn't have to smell how disgusting it was.

I know your pain with Mr. K not doing o well for a flight. I really felt for you when I read that. It certainly isn't the easiest thing to do even with two adults.