Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Today's Pics

Last night was Philip's first night on OB for a week. They changed the hours since he last worked it, so now it's an official 12 hour shift, instead of being more like 14 or 15! Even though he got No sleep at work last night and needed a ton today, we Still got to see a lot of him and have dinner with him - I love this new schedule! =)

I love this cute little romper!

A force to be reckoned with

Introducing... "Daisy" (her official Graco name), Moriah's big girl car seat!
(Could it Be an more pink?? I'm in LOVE with it!!)

Keenan in my sunglasses

Moriah's "Oh dear, what Is that big noise?" look when we heard machine gun fire (just practice!) while playing at the park on base this evening


I just Had to take a couple pictures of the sunset and moon on the way home...

Love this swing we came across on our drive

Keenan keeping Moriah safe =)

Pretty moon
(It will be full at 12:21 tomorrow afternoon!)


Mom W. said...

Cool car seat, fun picture of Moriah's curls and the sunset and moon pics are really pretty!!!

denise said...

We have that car seat! Well, in grey and black. It is SOOO nice, I love it!

Jessica said...

oh my gosh, the pic of Moriah with her hand over her mouth. Could she look any more grown up?!?

Mom E said...

OK, so EVERY time I see a photo and a comment pops into my head about it, and I think, "oh, that'll be what comment I leave"....Jessica has said my same thoughts! That's 3 times now that I'm going thru the blog that she wrote what I was thinking! How funny.