Thursday, April 8, 2010

This Too Shall Pass

That title might not be appropriate (or maybe a little Too appropriate) when talking about sickness and diar_ _ _ _ Anyway. Keenan is Still fighting it. We jumped the gun yesterday when it seemed like he was better and got out of the house to meet some friends at the park. But... when we got home, our little friend was back. =0/ (Our friends all seem to be fine, thankfully!)

We are sick of sickness, sick of sick laundry, sick of sick germs, and sick of not getting out!

So... we decided to have some silly fun at home today instead. =)

This is from yesterday, I have finally convinced her to not wear the hat All the time! =)

Funny masks

When Moriah went down for her nap, I was going to get in the shower, but then thought, "Why not get dirtier before I get clean?" So... Keenan and I went outside, got some dirt in a bucket, made mud, and....painted each other with it! =)

Here it goes...

Keenan decorating me

Fun stuff

Our finished look

Chillin' with our mud masks on

Rinsing off

After we were finished, we sprayed each other off and then went inside and had showers. My face actually felt really good after - it was great for exfoliating!

When Moriah got up, the kids had a "picnic" in the toy area...

I love them sitting here in their little chairs

Fun shot

When I was making My lunch, I thought this tomato was just perfect, so I had Keenan hold it for a picture! =)

This little activity was Not one of the highlights of the day...

Dr. Goodemote ordered a bunch of samples to see if we can figure out what's up with Keenan. Yuck.

Yay for me... Keenan thought it was totally cool, though!


Mom W. said...

Funny... I put my comment that "this too shall pass" before I saw the title of your blog post. Somehow I missed that one last night. Sorry Keenan is sick again. Not fun. Sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Mom E said...

I'm sure you've been doing this already, but have you tried giving him probiotics from the health food store? They're like acidophillus but way more potent. They make them for kids and adults alike. Uncle Hank and Aunt Marie are a great resource for this too. Will pray you find the source of this soon. Love Mom
p.s. loved the b&w photo of K & M sitting in their chairs.

Tara said...

that's awesome you are staying! congrats! i hope keenen feels better, and i am checking out jessica's blog as we speak!