Saturday, April 24, 2010


Guess what Moriah and I did yesterday! We got on a plane... flew to Atlanta, then flew to Detroit, and drove across the border!

We're in Canada!!

We came up just for the weekend to surprise my super awesome friend, Laura, who is having a party this weekend!

Mark and Rebekah babysat Moriah last night while I went to Laura's (and totally surprised her thanks to help from Rebekah and Laura's husband, Nathan), and we went out and hung out until 11.

Then I came home and Mark and Rebekah and I stayed up talking until 3! (Moriah woke up when I went to bed and didn't really settle again until after I got up and took her downstairs for "breakfast" at 5 am! =0/

More details (and pictures) to come!



Anonymous said...

Love the new header. I did a few foot pictures for my school Yearbook, but none of them turned out that nicely!

I'm SOOOOO glad you're here! Sorry we stayed up so late last night, but I really enjoyed talking to you! Such a fun visit! Since we weren't planning on seeing you until July, this is a really nnice "surprise" visit. We love you BOTH (you too Moriah!) and are so glad you came!

Rebekah (and Mark the builder of cool sheds!)

Anonymous said...

Joia - you are the best!!! I don't even need the party now!!

However since it's paid for and planned I think we'll go ahead with it :)

Can't wait!!

The Woodford's said...

FUN!! Hope you have a blast! =)
Love, Steph

Mom E said...

wow, you're right! That was a surprise! so *that's* why you were so excited, eh?