Thursday, April 29, 2010

Points in our day

It has been another day of almost no picture taking, but here are some things that happened in our house today:

* The smoke alarm went off (scaring both kids) because I forgot about some chicken that was cooking

* Myrtle showed up at the door with some delicious quesadillas she had leftover from lunch out, as well as some frozen pizzas she "saw in the store and thought we'd like" =)

* The new liner for our water bed arrived! One step closer to getting back into our own bed!

* Heard Moriah say, "Apple" as clear as can be for the first time ever! =)

* Got a call from one of our new neighbors (that I just met last night), wanting to know if we wanted to go to the beach with them this weekend. Of course we do!

* Got some sweet deals at "The Bargain Box" today - all the clothes and shoes were 50 cents!

* Made chicken enchiladas for supper

* Painted my (and Moriah's) toenails bright pink

* Spent more time reflecting on the weekend just passed, and am still overwhelmed with feelings of blessed-ness. =)

* Had Keenan tell me that "He's Lightning (McQueen) and I'm Sally" - I think he loves me! =)

* Organized Moriah's closet and got out a ton of clothes, etc. to give away

* Bought some Pomegranate Green Tea, and I love it!

* Snuggled with Keenan three times before he finally dropped off to sleep tonight... =)

* Made it about a third of the way through my laundry to do list

* Thoroughly enjoyed watching Philip dance around the kitchen holding Both of our kids, who were laughing with glee!

Not a great picture, but it was a great time =)


Mom W. said...

Good day, good Myrtle, good neighbors!!

Mom E said...

Awwww, I think it is a GREAT picture! Love that Myrtle too. :-)