Monday, April 26, 2010

THE Party

Okay folks, here are the "official party pictures"! Enjoy!

The adorable cakes (to match the center pieces) made by Tanya!

Cards and favors for guests

Party Explanation

We are Not here because...

There were beautiful gifts on each table for special people who had helped make the party a success!

The cool tables

Caught with the chocolate!

Still happy and friends after all the set up stress! =)

A pre-party pic


Ruby's artwork
(I'm totally in love with side buns now!)

We clean up pretty well, I think!
(Don't Rebekah and Laura have pretty shoes??)

Laura, you're so worth it

The Couple of the hour!

Mark and Rebekah =)

Mark and I

We're hot and we know people who think so! =)

I love this one - aren't they gorgeous??

These Amazing cookies were made by Nathan's sister, Jessie!

Cheers to yummy blue punch!

Hometown friend, Mandy

Totally awesome...

Also Jessie's artwork!

Laura giving the "Why You Are All Here" speech =)

A friend of more than a few years, Liz

Laura and I being crazy on the dance floor =)

A nice surprise to end the evening - my friend, Kristin, stopped by just to see me! =)


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Anonymous said...

it was soooo nice to see you! I miss you and love you so much! Ill definitly post some pictures when I get back from my trip! Take care!

Mom W. said...

Well, a lot of work surely went into planning that and I appreciate the explanations... helps to see their hearts and understand it all better. Maybe we should have a party...

The Woodford's said...

Great pic's, Joia! Glad you had such a great time!! =)

Love you,

Flakymn said...

Joia you look great!!!

Jessica said...

awesome pics. I LOVE the whole premise behind the party. What a great idea, Laura!! I also love the "you don't have to worry about our spiritual walk!!" lol! My favorite pic is the one with you guys, no shoes on the dance floor getting jiggy wit it!