Wednesday, April 28, 2010

No pictures today. I'm serious.

We had planned to go strawberry picking this morning when Philip got home from work, but Keenan ended up developing a fever overnight and wasn't feeling so great this morning. That plan got postponed. Maybe tomorrow.

This afternoon Keenan stayed home with Philip while Moriah and I went to the church. Moriah hung out in the nursery with some friends while I helped serve the dinner. I LOVE doing this because it's always so much fun, getting to hang out with friends while we work in the kitchen, and we get free food, too! =)

Philip dropped Keenan off at the church when we finished, and then he went in to work and we drove home.

Several new families have moved onto our street in the last month or so and I hadn't had a chance to meet them yet, so on our way home we stopped and introduced ourselves at two different houses. I'm so glad we did! Our new neighbors seem really cool and I especially enjoyed meeting the family with two boys who live just a few houses down from us. Some new friends, maybe. =)

Feeling very blessed in every area of my life right now. =)


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Hannah said...

Hi Joia=)
So glad you are having good times in FL, being away from family and all probably isn't easy at times. Glad things are working out in FL.
Take care!