Monday, April 12, 2010

Our New Favorite Park!

Kudos to my friend, Jessica, who told us about a super awesome park on Okaloosa Island! It's called Marler Park, and it ROCKS!!! It's on the water, has all new facilities, picnic areas, swimming, restrooms, two playground areas (both covered with canopies so they're shaded), several docks, and nice walkways! I cannot believe we haven't been there before, I may never visit another park again... =)

First a couple snaps from this morning:

Since we're trying to encourage Moriah to eat more and put on a few pounds, I let her have some chocolate pudding, and let her "drive" the spoon too!

She Loved it!!

All done

Finger painting with pudding =)

Moriah's most recent obsession (the hat is still pretty popular too)
Her soft, thumb-less mitts!

Okay, on to the awesome park:

Yes, Keenan got a haircut this morning!


Love this one

Moriah working hard to balance on the wiggly bridge

The large play area

Little kid's area

Fun shot of the three of us (not super common or easy to get!)

Moriah liked the red elephant bench

Fun picture spot

I have no idea how she's so cute

Love this one of the two of them just "being"

If you look closely, you can see the nest's inhabitant!


One of my favorites of the day

Another good one of the three of us!


Some of the pretty beach


Keenan was totally exhausted and fell asleep on the way home
( I love how his fingers are stuck between his toes!)

What a super fun afternoon!!


Mom E said...

ok, this is just not fair! As if you didn't already have like a kazillion choices in parks already, right? All the photos were so awesome, I simply can't choose a favorite....although the one of them sitting on the wood across from each other was a pretty amazing shot! Love, Mom

Mom W. said...

I too have trouble chosing a favorite, they are a really beautiful series of pictures and some you difinitely should store in your picture blog... so cute!!

Jessica said...

love em all! precious! I love the one of Keenan sleeping at the very end. He looks just like my boys when they are out like a light!