Friday, April 9, 2010

Meeting Morgan and Some Sunshiney Fun!

My friend, Sarah, and I finally got together this morning and I got to meet her new baby, Morgan (who was born while we were in Kenya!) It was Killing me that she was "growing up" without me having even seen her yet! =) She's gorgeous!

She slept the whole time, so I haven't seen her eyes yet!

We met at a local bakery and chatted about my trip to Kenya and Sarah's upcoming move to Japan! Wow, big changes!

After lunch we headed to the park to play in the sand. We also got to see the Thunderbirds practicing for the air show this weekend, very cool!!

My little coon and bunny =)

"I Love this weather!"

..."but not this hat so much..."

Monster trucks and sand - woohoo!

I convinced him to play in the Shade under the play structure =)

A fun overhead shot

On the move on the playground

Very intrigued that Keenan was Under her! =0)


Ready to head down the slide

Gettin' their feet wet

The beautiful weather has been such a blessing - being able to get out with the kids makes all the difference in how our day goes! =)


Mom W. said...

Sarah`s baby is so sweet!!

Your kids are so cute... no bias!!

Dawn Hudson said...

What base is your friend Sarah moving to? We are stationed in Okinawa and if she has any questions she is more than welcome to ask.