Saturday, April 24, 2010

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch...

Keenan and I have been holding down the fort. Joia set up the post yesterday to post at 10:00 am so that Laura wouldn't get suspicious about why she hadn't posted just in case Laura checked the blog before Joia managed to surprise her in Ontario. I think it was really hard for her to not say anything on the blog about leaving soon but by the time that post went live she was most of the way to Atlanta.

Keenan and I dropped the girls off at the airport right around 6 am. After getting home I was unable to get Keenan back to sleep so we both got ready for the day ahead. Keenan spent the day having a blast with Jodi while I headed to Okaloosa Island along with the rest of the residents and faculty for the annual Residency Review. During this day and a half process we go through every rotation that we do in the three year program, one-by-one. We talk about the good, the bad and what we could do to make it better in the future. It can get a little tedious but Rob was in charge of planning and did a great job of keeping things moving and also entertaining. During our morning break Joia called to let me know she was in Atlanta and during the afternoon break she called to let me know she was stuck in the parking lot that is I-94 near Detroit.

A large chunk of the PGY3 class met up at Crab Shack after we were done for the day and Jodi brought Keenan there. We had a good dinner and all the kids were pretty well behaved. I think Keenan and I were the first ones to go since he was getting a little cranky (likely from the early wake up for the airport run). We had a good evening playing with cars before he went to bed and I crashed shortly after him. There was a big storm with lots of thunder and lightning but Keenan didn't come out and wake me up till around 6:15.

Once again he wouldn't fall back asleep so we got up and got ready for his next fun day of hanging with friends. This time is was off to the Hemphills and it sounds like he had a blast at the park and also on their trampoline. I fear that his little indoor trampoline may be falling out of favor after a taste of a real deal full size model. The second day of the Residency Review is only an AM session and we had planned to meet up at the military beach, but the weather did not cooperate and there were red flag conditions all morning that didn't look to be letting up anytime soon. I picked up Keenan and we stopped at the park on base to swing and chase and play hide and seek for awhile. We also managed to catch Joia at her parents in Norwich so Keenan could say hi. After that we headed home and just after getting off base Keenan was nodding off. I asked him if he wanted to stay awake and get a snack at home before his nap and, after barely being able to get his eyes open, he said, "Yes, but I need to take a little nap in my seat first."

Needless to say he was out cold 30 seconds later and fortunately stayed asleep as I unloaded the car and carried him in to his bed where he is napping right now. We haven't decided exactly what we're doing for the rest of the day. I think we'll be hitting up the Dairy Queen buy one get one for 25 cents deal after dinner. Although, I'm not a great cook and Joia is out of town, so maybe we'll just have Blizzards for dinner.


Jessica said...

3 cheers for Blizzards for dinner!! :) Go for it!

Mom said...

I loved your post Philip! It's so cool to hear about your day and the fun you're having with Keenan. Blizzards for dinner.... lol.

Love you, Mom

mamunaco said...

I am a big fan of Blizzards for dinner!


Mom W. said...

As long as it isn't blizzards outside, we are OK, thanks for filling us in Philip!!