Saturday, April 10, 2010

Jonathan's Firefighter Birthday Party

Today was Keenan's friend, Jonthan's, fourth birthday party. This is his first party in the last three years that we've actually been in town for, so we were really excited to go! Also, Philip is working a 30 hour call shift, so it was nice to have something to do!

Since I haven't had much chance to dress Moriah up lately, I decided to today...

I definitely got the impression she knew she was cute here =)

All ready to go

A hug by the flowers


Some little firefighters chowing down some pizza

The awesome cake

Happy Fourth Birthday!

Keenan takes a swing at the firetruck pinata


Moriah picked up a lollipop, took of the wrapper and popped it in her mouth!

The bubble machine was so fun!

How cute is he??

Thanks Andrea, Erik and Jonathan for such a fun party!!


Anonymous said...

We were so glad you all got to come and I'm glad you guys had fun!! Thanks again for the walkie talkies - such a great gift!! :)

Mom W. said...

What an amazing cake, really fun party and cool theme! good job Andrea

Mom W. said...

PS.. I love the hug by the flowers, are those your azaleas?? So beatiful.

Erin said...

Hi Joia! I've actually visited your blog before via Wendy (we were in the same MOPS group last year) but just happened upon it tonight while looking for birthday party inspiration. Too funny - small world!