Saturday, April 3, 2010

Home Sweet.... Sick

We are home! We had pretty good travels yesterday. Keenan continued to be sick for most of the day, the poor guy couldn't even keep water down! He slept Most of the way home, and would only wake up every now and then to puke again.. =0/ By last night he was back to his old self.

Boy were we travel weary by the time we arrived at our home airport last night! Jodi came and picked us up, and she and Wendi had bought us a "welcome home, food necessities package" so we'd be okay for the basics until we could get to the store - how sweet was that!! =)

We came home, put the kids to bed (didn't unpack a thing) and fell in to bed, exhausted. I woke up just before midnight to the sound of Philip puking beside me. Poor guy, it seems that whatever Keenan had Is contagious! I was Very impressed that he managed to puke in the trash can! =) He was up every hour or so in the night, puking again, as well as "revenge down south". He is pretty miserable this morning. I am REALLY hoping to not get it myself! =0/ Please pray that Moriah and I will be spared. =)

Keenan was up before five, (the time change will take a few days), but Moriah slept for nine hours and got up at 7:30 (the best sleep she's had since we left home!) Apparently she's happy to be back in her own bed...

I started our mountain of laundry this morning and unpacked all our stuff. Thankfully all of our carvings made it home intact! =)

We can't believe that Kenya is behind us!! We looked forward to this trip for soo long, and then it was finally here, and then it flew by and now we're already back home! Wow!!

Six flights (totaling over 30 hours in the air), three continents, four modes of transportation (car, plane, train, boat), three time zones, thousands of miles, four people, and four amazing weeks together!

We are soo blessed to be home safe, with many amazing experiences and memories that we will cherish forever. We thank God for this opportunity, His provision, and His protection during all our travels, and I thank Philip for the countless hours he put into planning this trip, and making sure everything went as smoothly as possible!

Missing so much about Kenya but glad to be home!

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The Woodford's said...

Glad you're home safely! Praying Keenan and Philip feel better soon, and the girls are "spared"! Love you all!