Sunday, April 25, 2010

Girl's Weekend Extended!

Moriah and I decided to vacation a bit longer and opted to get bumped off our (overbooked) flight from Atalanta to Fort Walton. Delta offered us a deal I (and Philip) couldn't turn down. $400 in Delta money plus food vouchers and a hotel for the night!

I didn't even have to worry about additional babysitting for Keenan tomorow since we fly in in the morning and Philip starts nights tomorrow so he'll be home! Just another way that God has provided and made the way smooth on this trip... =)

We picked up some dinner at Chili's and are now comfortably situated at our hotel. We might go out and check out the area, or just chill in the room and watch a movie or something. Not a bad deal at all... =)

This weekend has been Amazing!! It was totally the right thing to do, and that has been proven over and over...

Laura and I had a great evening out on Friday while Mark and Rebekah watched Moriah, then I got in some great chat time with Mark and Rebekah that night. On Saturday, we headed to my parent's house for lunch. Rob and Ada and my adorable nephew, Brayden were there too!

After lunch, Ada's younger sister, Ruby, came over and did Rebekah's and my hair for the party! She did an Awesome job (pictures to come when I get home).

In the afternoon, Rebekah, Mark and I headed out to help Nathan and Laura set up for the party while Moriah stayed with Grandpa and Grandma.

The party hall was gorgeous, the food was amazing, the details perfect, and the fun abundant! What a fun party!

Laura and Nathan invited all of the most important people (family and friends) in their lives to come just "celebrate life" for what it is today, and to show each person how much they appreciated them. There were handwritten notes for Each guest, as well as cool favors.

120 people were in attendance and it was very cool for me to get to see a lot of people that I knew that were there. It was sort of a "mini high school" reunion which was super cool!

There was music, games, dancing, and did I mention the food? =)

I stayed until 10 and then decided I should head to my parent's house and actually get some sleep before driving back to Detroit this morning.

The border crossing, rental car return, and checking in all went super smoothly. I was able to select a seat with an empty one beside it and Moriah slept in her car seat the entire flight to Atlanta! Sweet!!

So.. that about catches us up to now. We fly out at 8:30 in the morning (unless they offer us Another great deal! LOL)

Will post when we return home!

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Anonymous said...

So glad your journey home is exciting but ok. There aren't words for how honoured we were that you came and how amazing Friday night was.

I'm still processing everything ...

Joia you are amazing and I'll forever grateful for our friendship!!!

love your lil brownie,