Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Funny kids

Keenan and Moriah both had doctor's appointments yesterday. Keenan for his three year one, and Moriah for her 15 month well baby check up.

Keenan weighed in at a whopping 39 pounds, and is in the 100th percentile for height at 38 inches. How did That happen with us as his parents?? =)

Moriah is not so whopping at only 21 pounds. This is partly due to the fact that she ate Very poorly while we were in Kenya, and we're hoping that she'll chunk up a bit now that we're back home!

Moriah has been wearing this hat (almost non-stop) since Monday evening! She wears it to bed, around the house, outside, to the doctor... and gets really upset if I take it off! What a goof!

Keenan having his blood pressure taken with a cuff for the first time =)

Amusing herself with a glove while we wait

The kids took a late nap after we got back from the doctor. At 6:15, I figured I'd better wake Keenan up, if I wanted him to sleep at night. I brought him in to the kitchen and set him at the bar with a smoothie. He took a sip, put his head down and went back to sleep!! Poor guy... I laid him on the couch and he slept for another hour and a half!!

That's some tired boy..

Who needs pants when you have a cool hat??

Keenan said his first "solo prayer" last night at bedtime:

"Dear God, Thank you for this day, and thank you for the food....and the food....and my toys, and trucks...and bears, and potatoes. I'm done now." Love that kid!


Mom W. said...

Aww, tired boy... still jet lag? I loved his prayer!!

Mom W. said...

PS. You know we figured by his height when he was two that he would be at least 6 feet tall.

Jessica said...

6 feet?!? Where does that come from? Man, that prayer was precious.