Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fun Day

It seems that we have skipped right over spring and on into summer here on the Emerald Coast - it's hot!

Beautiful weather to be out and about doing fun summery things though, like...

Going to Turkey Creek for a picnic and walk with Myrtle:

Moriah checking out something off the boardwalk

Squinty look

Even though the water was Freezing,the kids still put their feet in!

After naps we decided to head to Uptown Station (since we noticed yesterday that the splash pad was up and running!) I tried to get a picture of the kids in their new bathing suits (that I bought on clearance last season for a total of $6), but Moriah decided not...

"That's it. I'm outta here."

He took No time at all to get right in!

Moriah did a lot more giggling and running Away from the water than into it =)

Can't get enough!

This is as close as she got

Okay, so the new swim shorts are a Little big!

I am in LOVE with this picture!
I love the fact that he's in the air
I love the shadow of the water on his chest
I love the water droplets suspended in mid air
I love the look on his face, I love it!

Then I got them dried off and changed, and we headed over to the playground...

Keenan loves climbing the "rock" part

Moriah goes down slides all by herself now!

These kids kept saying, "Come on up, baby!"
(It's also a good shot of her hair, now that she has some!)

Sweet jump shot!


Mom W. said...

Remember you were gone for a month of spring... = ) Fun pictures, looks like everyone is feeling well again...

denise said...

I like the new header!

Mom E said...

Me too. I like the new header. Glad to see everyone has adjusted back to EST. Moriah looks like she's having a blast on the slide & I too, loved that action pic of Keenan, especially when you click on it to enlarge it! Love the color of his eyes too!

Mom W. again said...

I like the one on the rock of Keenan, if you cut his hair you did a great job Joia!!!

Joia said...

I did cut his hair, thanks Mom! =)