Friday, April 16, 2010

The Farewells Begin...

In the next couple of months, I will be saying goodbye to a Lot of people who have become very important in my life since moving here almost three years ago.

Two of these happened on Wednesday night. First our family went down the block to a Farewell BBQ/Bonfire at the Sheridans. They are a wonderful Christian family and have been such a blessing to know. Laura (mother of five) is such an inspiration to me. She homeschools, gardens, bakes, feeds her family organic produce, makes her own yogurt, etc... and all the while she is one of the sweetest, most soft spoken, patient women I know. How she does it I never really figured out, except that she is so reliant on the Lord. What a godly woman to know! I learned more from watching you than you'll ever know Laura, and I'll miss you!

I left the BBQ early (left the kids with Philip), and headed to Tijuana Flats to chill with a bunch of my MOPS friends, as we get ready to bid farewell to a good friend and co-coordinator of our MOPS group, Vanessa. Her husband is retiring from the Air Force, and they will be moving to D.C. next month! =0/
Her going will leave a huge void. She has been such a driving force in our group for the past few years, and along with Amanda, has infused so much energy and fun into our meetings. She is such a fun loving, adventurous, cool, outgoing chick!! It just won't be the same without her. I'm starting to miss you already, Vanessa, do you Really have to go??


Jessica said...

I cannot imagine how difficult this is/will be for you. But, you are one of the most amazing people at making friends. You build deep relationships with people too and go beyond the surface and that is truly impressive. So, although it is sad, I know you have already begun to build relationships with the new people coming into the area. I will definitely be praying for you and all of your friends as they go off to every corner of the earth! love you!

Mom E said...

OK, I'm speechless (yeah, lol, it's only happened a couple times in my life)! It's b/c I'm deeply touched that my daughter wrote such a heartfelt comment (above). I can only say, "ditto" b/c everything she wrote is exactly what I was thinking/feeling too. Relying on God to fill the voids is the only thing to do.
Love, Mom