Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Treats/Sandy Fun

We were very blessed with Easter goodies this year! =)

A carton full of chocolate covered marshmallow eggs from Myrtle

Easter candy sent in the mail from Mom and Jeff (this is after we had already eaten some!)

They sent these too, aren't they Hilarious?? =)

We went over to visit with Myrtle (outside, so as to not spread germs as easily) yesterday since we missed her so much! She had hidden an Easter egg for each of the kids in the flower bed... it was very sweet.

I love this picture of the three of them

Keenan opening his egg

Pretty in pink

Myrtle showing her what's inside

This afternoon, we headed to Lincoln park to get some fresh air and sunshine. We discovered that while we were gone, they had replaced the wood chips around the playground with sand. Keenan was delighted (I wasn't exactly thrilled), and Moriah (who has never walked in sand before) wasn't sure What to think!

Little feet in the sand

Weird stuff...


Lovin' it..

... did I mention he loved it?? =)

Oops! Got a little on the tongue!

I even decided to let them get wet! (We usually avoid the water unless we came prepared to swim)...

First time in the water this season

Moriah is a little hesitant

Lovin' this stuff!

...doesn't taste so great, though!

She tottered in with some help

Love it, sandy butts and all... =)

Down she goes!

Having so much fun!

Love the expressions here

Handsome dude

'Sup yo?

Keenan returns triumphant with their shoes


Mom W. said...

Very cute - tasting the sand, funny!! I bet Myrtle missed you guys!!

The Mac's House said...

Glad to see everyone moving around better after a not so great beginning upon your return home.

Will you be posting pics of all the great carvings and items that you picked up while you were in Kenya? Of course it goes without saying the ones that you haven't purchased as gifts, etc. for other people that you might not want them to see on a blog. :)

Anonymous said...

What a fun day! I think I've decided that Easter Monday is one of my favourite days of the year. After a crazy weekend of conference, travelling, Sunday School stuff, etc, it's a GLORIOUS day of relaxing with my favourite man! It was beautiful weather here too!
I love that things were laid back enough to let the kids get wet, sandy and be happy! You're a great mom Joia Dooley!
Happy Easter Monday!

Mom E said...

I forgot to take a picture of the way Jeff decorated the inside of the box we sent the candy in, with the different colored Easter baskets he drew. If you still have the box, can you take a pic and send it to me? He did such a great job with the Canadian/Mich drawings. thx. The bunny glasses are truly hysterical, just as I'd hoped! btw, I'm the one who stuffed the eggs with the jelly beans...didn't know if you knew that. ;-)Love, Mom